Published: 2021-08-09

Title should be Well, fuck that, but I restrained myself.

This short read is about my cynism toward our world. We go nowhere as a whole.

We are told to buy our happiness by advertisement. We are told we are not complete without the latest industrialized piece-of-shit that will be rendered obsolete by your unlimited wants or the unlimited stream of crap pushed by corporations. We are thrown at way too much information that is totally irrelevant to our existence (Neil Postman was right). We are told to race against each other to be successful. We are left behind by a system that wants to outlaw being poor. We are a cog in the machine that is geared toward wealthy people, not community wellbeing.

We are tired of this shit. (At least, I am.)

Every single day of my life, I ask myself what I can do to stop this. Well, I have no answer, but to refuse to be part of it.

Refuse advertisement, refuse consumerism, refuse endless scrolling, refuse the rat race, refuse being in debt and slave of your job, refuse to be a disposable tool.

Accept to live a meaningful life by creating good around you. Start an initiative to bring joy to people. Build a coop to offer a service.

Ideas and future

My life is upside down right now. I will soon live with my parent since I'll move 4000 kilometers away from my current life. A new job isn't aligned yet. But who cares? I am not the center of the universe and nature will continue to do its thing.

Where I'm going with that is this: I have an idea to live in a small village, start a coop to sell essential needs to the community badly deserved by corporations. The coop would sells coffee beans, essential food stuff, used bicycles and cheap parts, will offer booking space to work on projects or to simply play board games, with self-serve computers to access Internet and books coming from thrift stores to widen the views of each of us on different topics. A new genre of community center, more casual, less strict on being a single thing (a library is mostly for books, no coffee, no food, no bikes).

Obviously, I am nowhere close to make this happens. But if I start working on the project as a long-term plan, who knows, it might come true. Well, I have my entire life to devote to it when I refuse to commit to the inappropriate.

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