Published on: 2021-04-19

Haven't you ever look to modern society and said to yourself "this way of living is totally insane"?

I realized that I think about it almost daily. I can't pinpoint all the reasons, but it feels like people are brainless and are pursuing the wrong goals.

Celebrating void life

How come we arrived at the point to celebrate housing overinflation to sky-high prices in a country like Canada? People making huge bucks out of thin air are laughing. But for every homeowner cashing out fake value of a property, there is at least 3 others that will struggle with housing for the rest of their life, even if they rent and had no plan to buy ever. Rents are going up too, and still, governments don’t lift a single finger to fix the free market when housing should be a right.

We should not be forced to work full-time to meet our basic needs, just to survive. Poverty is removed from the benchmarks by making people working more and more, increasing their incomes, but not their wealth because they now have to justify high mortgage just to live in any major city, where work is located. You just can't win this race, the system will consume you.

Vulgar display of power

We go to university because we want others to recognize our success in life, then we chase this high-paying job to pay for over-expensive stuff to make sure we are happy. When we think about it, it is nothing else than a vulgar display of power of the others, the environment, ourselves.

We spend our life, our time, our hours, to be part of a broken system. Why do we do this? Comfort? Convenience? Social status? Novelty? Entertainment? Belief in a moral value of progress? Trying to fill an inner void?

This is insanity.

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