Published on: 2021-08-23

Sure you can develop a progressive web app, an AJAX frontend, a script full of javascript to impress nobody but you, a framework on top of a custom install of a gigascript full of pointless pictures and codes tracking your users unbeknownst to them, flashing advertisements everywhere, asking for a subscription, monetizing your own existence on other people's screen, and what else.

Or you can install a 4-kilobyte php wiki to start communicating in an efficient way to all. Without distractions, without ads, without tracker, without plugins, without comments.

I understand that comments can be useful to get feedback from your audience, even though I tend to prefer emails for slower, calmer discussions. They can be installed quite easily if you really want to. Disqus is one solution.

I encourage you to create your own website instead of focusing to much of your attention on social media. A wiki is a perfect way to do it. And WikiMind is super light, easy and straight to the point.

Start your own website

Here are the easiest way to start your own website at no cost. And when I say own, I mean that you remain fully in charge, no one else.

  1. Find a web host: you can register on alwaysdata per example.
  2. Copy this code in a file named index.php.
  3. Transfer index.php on your server using a FTP client: cyberduck on macOS or SmartFTP on Windows.
  4. Browse to your file using a web browser.
  5. Start writing :)

How to use WikiMind

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